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Master Watchmakers Wall clock Doctor Watch S301STB Large and precious Complication: "Saltarello" - The hour starts at 00 minutes!

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S301STB - Doctor Jump Watch

A real Great Complication: the "Saltarello" function!
How do I read?: the time is displayed inside the upper window of the dial
while the minutes flow in the classic hourly circular way.
When the minutes arrive near 00 (or 60 minutes) the time jumps to the next.
From this way of changing the time comes the name of "Saltarello".
It is precisely the jump of the hour and not its slow dragging that is the
real complication.
For this reason, a new ingenious system has been created, precise and reliable
over time.

2 quartz movements, 1 for time and Saltarello, 1 for seconds at 6 o'clock.
All incorporated in a steel and glass case.

Diameter 315 mm x thickness 50 mm

All watches, without exception, do not have molded internal dials or discs of
the saltarello but are micro-milled on special bi-laminated supports by cnc
machines with very high precision!
This ensures high dial visibility and increased refinement, as well as
unparalleled quality.

NB: special watches like these are not always kept in stock but are made to
order. Normally we are quite fast, in 15 days from the order the item is

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Brand MontClems