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Treble clef BOOKENDS, really good MUSIC Lovers Gift. Ideal present for a Music Teacher or a Musician.

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Wood bookends, depicting a couple of light blue treble clefs.

The base of the bookends are made with 10mm MDF (medium density fiberboard)
and has non-slip rubber pads to be efficient even on smooth surfaces and the
shape by plywood 8/10mm. All hand painted with water colors.

Buy our bookends to give style and color to your home.
Ideal gift for a musician or a singer. What are you waiting for?
Visit my clocks section, in order to combine this item with a musical theme

Item Specifications:
- Base in MDF (medium density fiberboard) of 10mm
- Shape in plywood of 8mm
- Hand painted with non-toxic water-based light blue and white paint

Item Dimensions:
- Height: 7,7 in. (19,5 cm.)
- Width: 5,3 in. (13,5 cm.)
- Depth: 5 in. (12,5 cm.)

The uniqueness of the realizations of LEGNANIMA is implemented by the accuracy
of its process, strictly handmade in all phases. I dedicate many hours of work
to create each item, because nothing is left to chance and approximate: I try
to get an optimum degree of finish, with the help of traditional handmade
working techniques of Made in Italy.
Remember: All of my products are handmade so the item may slightly differ from
what is shown in the photo. In particular, a coloration with exposed grain will
be slightly different, due to the impossibility of finding the same grain of
the wood.

*Beware of imitations: The original is only by us!*

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Brand Legnanima