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Zero waste Handmade ceramic mosaic tiles, Morocco Fish Scale, Mix Turquoise and Emerald Green, Price per 89 tiles

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Price for 1 sq meter.

The tiles are always the same, but always different. They are living their own
These tiles were selected as not perfect by Viola when she made previous
orders. It's time to rehome these beauties. For the last few years after every
firing with glaze, Viola has had to make subjective decisions about which tiles
to make her clients happy ;) Rest tiles were packed and carefully stored to one
day make some art projects with them. But busy ceramics studios still don't
have time to make use of them... and they are just waiting on the shelves...
So, now you have the unusual opportunity to buy it at a special price and what
is more important they are ready to ship!

Please note tiles got some (in our opinion) small imperfections like uneven
surface/thickness of the glaze, crystallised glaze etc. They are fully fit for
purpose and some people like them even more due to their unique nature.

Photo represents the nature of the product and we receive them from a customer
who ordered them recently.

1 square metre (1m2) = 10.7639 square foot (10.7639 ft2) - contain 89 tiles.

Mix version contains a mixed amount of :
Turquoise crackle glazes in a light tone,
Turquoise crackle glazes in a medium tone,
Turquoise crackle glazes in a dark tone,
Emerald green glazes in a light tone,
Emerald green glazes in a medium tone,
Emerald green glazes in a dark tone.

Actually, we have on the stock 3 sq meters:
15 pcs Turquoise crackle glazes in a light tone,
30 pcs Turquoise crackle glazes in a medium tone,
40 pcs Turquoise crackle glazes in a dark tone,
36 pcs Emerald green glazes in a light tone,
79 pcs Emerald green glazes in a medium tone,
75 pcs Emerald green glazes in a dark tone.

One tile measures:

- the diameter of 5,51 '' = 14 cm
- a width of 5,51 '' = 14 cm
- thickness 0,23'' = 6 mm.

Just imagine the sunny beach and water. The gentle breeze is cooling down your
skin warmed up by the tropical sun. Now think about the colours and nature
which surrounds you. Yellow sand… Blue sky… White birds flying... Juice green
palms… silver fish swimming in the and turquoise water of the ocean.

Did you feel this sensation?

Now you can have it in your bathroom or kitchen by using our fish scale tiles!

Our fish scale tiles were created in 2014, originally as a one-off order for a
client. Word spread, and it's now our best-selling product.


All our tiles are individual pieces.
Typically, we pack 9 tiles into a small cardboard box. Small boxes are packed
together into one big cardboard box with additional securing materials.
If you prefer we can make OSB (wooden) box - contact us for details, please.

We send parcels by one of the shipping agents, parcels are delivered by
courier companies.

If you have any special requirements regarding delivery, please use other
available options in the checkout or contact us before you will place your

For every other query feel free to contact us by 'contact seller’ section or
by social media message on Instagram or Facebook. With great pleasure, we'll
answer all of your questions!

Have a great day!
❤ Viola and Pawel

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In our manufacture, all the ceramic products are fully handmade with attention
to every detail. Viola's goal is to create patterns that will unite her three
passions - ceramics, graphics, and design. We go with the times guided by the
spirit of the past.

*Since our ceramic products are fully handmade be aware that the shape and
tone of the glaze may differ slightly from the one presented in the pictures,
but the base colour and style remain unchanged.

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